“Kids’ Resource Center” (KRC) is an experimental educational workshop in Chia-yi County, Taiwan. It began as an art classroom and an English tutoring business, run by founders Shirley Hung and Graeme Keon. (Previously known as “Graeme & Shirley’s Workshop“) It now also holds small group classes to give children hands-on experience with various arts and crafts, and interesting projects involving electrical, mechanical and scientific principles.

The name change reflects the observation that children are natively eager to learn and will do so without coercion if appropriate resources are made available.

These hands-on projects are based on principles in Graeme’s book All About Motivation to Learn. Apart from being fun, they give students practical experience to balance the largely theoretical education they are receiving at school. That, plus pride in their own creations and discovery of where their own interests and talents lie, has been found to improve students’ attitudes toward learning, sometimes dramatically.


KRC will continue to post new projects and articles. Readers of the book are also welcome to contribute their feedback, suggestions or projects from their own areas of expertise.


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