Hot Ice (Sodium Acetate) Experiment Success

Hot Ice Tower

Sodium Acetate: a chemical compound made by combining acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate, or simply just plain old vinegar and baking soda. It is used as a flavouring ingredient in snack foods and in hand warmers. Chemical formula: CH3COONa.

This is our second attempt at experimenting with sodium acetate (also known as “hot ice”). The aim was to create a tower using a solution of sodium acetate and water. It was a success!

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The things we used to do the experiment were:

  1. 160 grams of sodium acetate
  2. 30 ml of purified water (30 ml = 30 gm approx.)
  3. Scales (to measure both the sodium acetate and water)
  4. A spotlessly clean beaker (we used a flask the first time and this seemed to have been a factor in the experiment’s failure)
  5. A thick piece of wire (wrapped around the beaker and used as a handle)
  6. A gas stove
  7. A spoon to put the sodium acetate into the beaker and also to stir the solution
  8. A piece of paper to cover the solution in the beaker
  9. A rice bowl

Some of the things we did to ensure the experiment went well:

  • We didn’t use a flask this time
  • Kept the beaker and the solution free of dust or build up of sodium acetate
  • Made sure the solution was fully dissolved and that there were no crystals stuck to the side of the beaker
  • While the solution was still pretty hot, we noticed crystallization starting to occur. We immediately stirred the solution. This kept the solution clear looking for the entire time we waited for it to cool to room temperature (about an hour).
  • Poured the solution at a good rate of speed (you can see this in the video).

Our previous experiment is here: Sodium Acetate Experiment

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