Do schools kill creativity?

In one of my favorite on-line videos, Sir Ken Robinson gives a very entertaining talk on education and how it undermines creativity. The case he presents is very much in alignment with the content of the book, Motivation to Learn, especially in regards to a person’s native interests and talents and what miracles can result when these are nurtured in a child. He gives a wonderful example, starting at 15:06 minutes into the video, about Gillian Lynne, whose choreography can be seen in the long-running stage musicals “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera.” The account of how her talents as a child were recognized and allowed to blossom is a valuable lesson for parents or anybody working with children.

The title of the video is “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity”. It includes Chinese subtitles.

And another great speech on education was given about 4 years later, in the following video.

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