Summer 2010 Handcraft Classes

With the summer 2010 program just about finished, the most successful project by far has been the 4WD car.

These were the first ones off the production line.

The wooden parts were quite easy to cut.

Some parts required a team effort.

Everybody had their own idea about what color it should be painted…

Assembling the wheels was an exercise in patience according to some…

It was quite a win to discover they could saw through a big steel nail!

Testing them was definitely the best part.

Christine discovered how easily a snowman driver made out of cotton wool can get wrapped around the pulley….

Here is a short video of some of the testing…

(For details on making the car, see the blog post:

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2 Responses to Summer 2010 Handcraft Classes

  1. brettrix says:

    this site is awesome – thanks for sharing! my kids will be super excited this weekend when we make something from here!