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Summer 2017 Treasure Hunt (2017夏令營尋寶記)

(Chinese translation by Shirley)

This program was centered around building a real metal detector and going out to find “treasure” with it. That, and the other activities we did during the five days were a great success, as you’ll see below.


In June, Kids’ Resource Center moved from Taipei to Chia-yi in the south of Taiwan. After getting re-established, there was just enough time to run a short summer camp for two of our Taipei students. This consisted of five days of educational trips, English classes and our main handcraft project – a metal detector, as described in this post here:BFO Metal Detector – Student Project


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Summer 2012

Several classes were run this summer. A few projects were repeated for the new, mostly younger students, while some of our older students made the pendulum seismometer described in this previous post.

This is quite an advanced project. While we did spend some time on theory, such as the differing speeds of P and S waves and how their arrival times allow us to calculate how far away an earthquake was, we didn’t go into much more as it starts to invlove math concepts that are way above their level. However, as they learn more in school, I’m sure they’ll get much more out of it than most, since they will have seen those theories in action in the real world.

Cutting wooden pieces for seismometer base

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Winter 2012 Handcraft Classes

A great activity that will get kids out of the house during vacations (and away from computer games) is hunting for “treasure” with a metal detector. This winter, after some R&D work I finally worked out a design that would be easy enough for youngsters to make and use, but still powerful enough to find small things like coins.

(The technical details of it will be posted soon have been posted in a separate post here.)

Although the electronics work was not totally new to them (these students had made the morse key project earlier) it still required close supervision, so we only ran two small classes of three students each. About fifteen hours were needed to complete the project. Continue reading

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Summer 2011

Several classes were run this summer. Once again we found it very difficult to get the students to go home at the end of the two and a half hour course periods. It seems they just can’t get enough of this! Here is a summary of their activities:

Most of the projects, such as the crane required some woodwork so a lot of sawdust was flying around in the beginning.

The 4 wheel drive car continues to be a popular project and several were made this summer.

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Field Workshop in Taitung and comments on natural farming

We sometimes wondered if it would be possible to travel around, running handcraft workshops in other locations. I was skeptical because there are so many tools and materials used in our projects. Forgetting one particular sized screw or nail might ruin a whole workshop.

We had also wondered if it might be possible to assemble some of our projects into kit sets. The main concern being that if too much preparation is done beforehand, the child won’t learn as much, and one might as well buy a ready-made one from the local toy store.

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Summer 2010 Handcraft Classes

With the summer 2010 program just about finished, the most successful project by far has been the 4WD car.

These were the first ones off the production line.

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