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Making animated GIF pictures

(Graphics Interchange Format, “GIF” is a computer image format that has become popular on the internet.)

It’s not very difficult to get children interested in computers. (What an understatement.) And if one hopes that their interest can be channeled into something useful, this is a fun way to start. Animated GIFs are a great way to create interesting web pages, blogs email attachments etc., and the ability to create them will be a useful skill in any future internet-related career.  It’s not hard to learn how to make them. I’m describing here how I have made them on the Linux operating system. I use it for two main reasons:

1) It is all freely available software, so one will not be tempted to use pirated software and set a bad example.

2) Children are rarely familiar with it so they will not be distracted by their favorite games, chat programs etc.

These were some of my students’ first attempts.

Jonathan's table tennis player

Lily wagging her tail. Made by Ariel

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Andy’s animation

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