Motivation to Learn

raising and educating children - a common sense approach

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About the Author

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gkGraeme Keon is an Australian English tutor who has spent most of his time in Taiwan since 1999. He originally came to Taiwan as a volunteer to help translate materials for social betterment programs based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, American philosopher and educator.



He found an increasing number of people seeking his assistance as a tutor, and before long found his spare time much in demand by people of all ages. The technology of study developed by Mr. Hubbard which he had learned many years earlier, he says, was key to his success as a tutor and gained him a reputation for being able to handle even the toughest of students, changing their attitudes toward English, and study in general, much to the relief of many parents.


He started work on All About Motivation to Learn in 2004, after observing the large percentage of students who were struggling to overcome various difficulties with their schooling, and their parents whose desperate attempts to help were somehow missing the target. An illustrated summary of Mr. Hubbard's key concepts, he felt would make life easier for everybody.


Thus, after some experiments with modeling clay and a digital camera, the book began to take shape, being finally ready to publish some six years later. The Chinese translation was done by his wife Shirley, a native Taiwanese and art teacher.


GP2020007araeme and Shirley are currently developing handcraft projects suitable for their younger students. This has become a popular activity during summer and winter vacations. For details see their "Kids' Resource Center" blog.