Motivation to Learn

raising and educating children - a common sense approach

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English Version

This uniquely illustrated book takes a fresh new look at raising and educating children. Photos of around eighty clay models shed light on the real underlying reasons for a child's difficulty with the current education system and why such things as "education reforms" have been largely futile.

Why are parents sometimes powerless to help?

What social factors make education increasingly difficult with each passing year?

What track should you follow to inspire in a child an everlasting love of learning; to give them the best possible chance to reach their full potential; to become creative and dynamic, independent, personable - all the qualities we consider desirable in a person?

"All About Motivation to Learn" defines the guideposts on this track.

The work, painstakingly produced over several years by Graeme Keon, an English tutor in Taiwan, was inspired by the writings of American philosopher and educator L. Ron Hubbard, his common-sense educational philosophy and the technology of study he developed.

Although written with parents in mind, it is vital for anyone working with children.




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